Ifansi, was founded by Pantelis Doumas in 1967 as a small family business.
Over the years, the company has developed a strong reputation, supplying Greece’s leading fashion designers and manufacturers.
Under the second generation leadership of Yorgos and Amalia Douma, Ifansi is focused on continuous improvement.
Innovating with new production techniques.
Expanding the range of fabrics and dyes to meet the needs of the most discerning customers.
Dynamically entering new markets including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

Ifansi is entering a new era.

What we do

We travel extensively.
Searching and researching relentlessly.
Understanding and anticipating trends, to provide our customers with a continuously evolving, exceptional range of fabrics to meet the demands of today’s woman. 


Innovative production processes


Variety of textiles


Fashionable color pallets


Natural fibers

We supply fabrics.
But what we do extends way beyond that.
Our fabrics are part of a collection.
A collection focused on meeting the evolving lifestyle demands of the modern woman.

We seek inspiration through exposure to travel, fairs and runways, understanding current trends and anticipating new trends.

The result is an extensive yet cohesive range of fabrics, clearly carrying our unique, distinctive creative identity.

This is how we strive to serve customers.

Exceeding expectation with a constantly evolving, exceptional range of fabrics. Sophisticated weaves and fine knits. Exquisite natural fibers including cottons, linen, ramie and wool. Fancy fabrics such as embroideries, sequins, jacquards, woven stripes and checks.

A collection curated with consistency, passion and creativity by our in-house specialists.

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