The collection

img_9991IFANSI aims to meet and exceed the needs of its clients and keep pace with the demands of the life of the modern woman. With this in mind, YFANSI searches, travels, acquires information and continually enriches its multitude of fabrics with new additions.

Fine woven fabrics with exquisite finishes that can be dyed to the specifications of the client, fine knits produced on site with countless colour options, as well as a wide range of novelty fabrics with intricate patterns define our collection.

IFANSI also offers a wide range of all kinds of fabric, including jersey knits, sweatshirt material, ribbed and striped fabric, jacquard, jean, gauze, lace with an emphasis on natural fibres, cotton, linen, silk and wool. Our collection is overseen with consistency and dedication by a specialised department in our company.