The company

img_9985IFANSI is one of the oldest textile companies in Greece and among the most important fabric suppliers to the largest manufacturing facilities and clothing designers in the country. Originally founded by Pantelis Doumas, ΙFANSI has since passed into the hands of his successors Yiorgos and Amalia, who like a breath of fresh air have brought new ideas and introduced innovative production processes to the family business.

Faithful to international fashion trends and in light of continued advancement, IFANSI is entering a new era, enriching its range of fabrics with fine weaves, circular machine knits, cotton, wool, viscose and polyester weaves, the latter used for floral motifs, new investments and modern dyes that exceed the expectations of the most discerning of clients.

In 2002, within the framework of its export activities, the company expanded its sales network, engaging in commercial dialogue in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

Today, with its new production methods, strict quality controls and creative workforce, IFANSI is able to offer high aesthetic fabrics and superior quality that accentuate female elegance.